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This French Butter Keeper maintains butter at room temperature for the perfect spreading consistency. The inner container holds approximately 5oz, 2/3 cup, or a little more than one stick of butter. The colors are teal green and medium blue with and cream stripes, which is raw clay, and speckles throughout. Handcrafted to be food and dishwasher safe.

3 ¾” (9.53 cm) diameter at the top
3 ⅜” (8.57 cm) height

To use the French Butter Keeper, “pack” butter into the lid. Be sure the butter is soft enough to compress it into the lid. Surface tension will keep the butter in place. Fill the bottom section 1/3 with water. (Use salted water for unsalted butter) When you invert the bell shaped lid and place it in the water, a seal is created that keeps oxygen away from the butter. You butter will stay soft and fresh outside of the fridge. Margarine does not work as well since it has other additives in it. Change water every few days.

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