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DIY Slab Roller

I found the original plans through Pinterest and Youtube. You can click on either link to see 2 different videos. At the end of the Youtube video, the creator posted his email so you can request these plans. I have included the plans I received from Dale below with a few modifications on the Cable Winding.

I decided to make a table top version since I’m primarily a wheel throwing kind of gal, but I do enjoy handbuilding. I didn’t fill my pipes with cement, although I might do that later down the line and add handles. Haven’t decided yet. I also didn’t put in the spacers for the wire because I couldn’t find something to work with the ABS pipe. I suppose if you get the white PVC, you will have better luck finding something like in the videos. My bad for getting the ABS, but they were the right size and I didn’t want to buy a 10′ PVC pipe to use only 4′. I’ll include the break down of costs and the measurements for the one I made below. I didn’t include tax or the price of screws since I just used what screws I had handy. Also, I got my wood from a local lumber place, so the prices might be a little higher than Home Depot. Now I kind of wish I didn’t add it all up because it was more than I thought. Oh well, still worth it!

Breakdown of Costs:
1″ x 4″ x 72″ (6ft) Poplar $11.34
1″ x 6″ x 48″ (4ft) Poplar $9.72
1″ x 2″ x 108″ (9ft) Poplar $7.62
1/8″ x 2′ x 4′ Masonite $3.65
½” x 2′ x 4′ Plywood $11.12
(1) Turnbuckle 7/32″ x 4 ¾” $2.99
(2) Fixed Pulley 1 ¼” $8.74
(2) Ferrule and Stop Set $3.96
(4) Aluminum Trim Channel $18.96
(4) 1 ¼” Single Pulley (Grainger) $17.84
1/8″ x 30′ Uncoated Wire Rope $8.40
(2) 2″ x 2′ ABS pipe $6.72
(4) 2″ ABS Cap Hub $19.48
¼” x 2′ x 4′ Masonite $3.72
Total: $134.26

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DIY Spray Booth

I’ll talk about why I spray glazes in another post, but now, let’s talk about my spray booth.  A friend of mine told me the idea of having a curtain of water to catch glaze overspray rather than a fan sucking it out.  I thought that sounded brilliant.  I started trying to find ideas on Pinterest.  I had seen a shower stall cut down, but that seemed like a lot of work and I didn’t know where to find one someone was throwing away.  I wasn’t about to buy one and then cut it in half!  After brainstorming with a friend, we thought a dishwasher shell might do the trick.  Somehow I convinced my husband and son to pick up an old dishwasher in our Prius for my birthday.  It was great fun taking it apart, knowing I didn’t have to fix it and put it back together again.  I should have kept the lower brackets it rested on, but I got a little over zealous and chucked it before I realized I needed it.  Oops.

Next someone gave me an old fountain pump and I tried hooking a drip line.  Long story short, not enough pressure to move the water to the top.  Got a bigger fountain pump.  Not enough pressure to get the water to all the walls.  Got a bigger hose.  Punctured holes with a needle too.  It worked!  Started spraying.  Holes got plugged with glaze.  Got my drill out and made more and bigger holes.  Ta-da!

I attached a plastic pan at the bottom and drilled hole for the water to pour out into the bucket below with the pump where it goes back up into the system again.

I still need to build better legs for it and I’d like add some kind of filter in the pan before the water pours down to the bucket to clean the water a bit.  It’s a work in progress, but for now, it’s a great way to spray.